[Review] Rival de Loop young – Safari look – 01 green crocodile

Hello everyone,

I hope you all are having a great weekend!

Do you remember my HAULy friday from last week?
I showed you some nice polishes I bought at Rossmann. One of the polishes was from Rival de Loop young, the Safari look LE. I bought this cute green polish which first I was not sure about because it looked like a normal metallic polish and usually those polishes leave ugly brush strokes. They simply don’t look pretty I think. But because of it’s color I decided to buy it and am SO happy I did. Maybe you know what I mean when you look at it on the nails.

Rival de Loop – Safari look – 01 green crocodile







Do you see how even the finish is?
I could not believe it. The application was very easy, it went on smoothly and also dried in no time!
The finish is almost like a chrome polish, not metallic at all. It reminds me of the new O.P.I. polish from the Gwen Stefanie collection, the silver chrome one, but just in green and since green in my favorite color, I simply love this one.

These pictures were taken with my old camera, but I will let you know when I got used to the new camera and when I used it on pictures.

What do you think? Do you like this polish?