HAULy friday – seven – my new equipment

Hello everyone,

today a little unusual HAULy friday :)


I bought myself a new camera and other equipment!!!!

I am so excited, because I felt so annoyed by my pictured not being more professional.
For those of you who don’t know, so far all I had was my old Sony Cybershot DSC-W110, which is a great camera, no doubt! I will continue to use it, but for the purpose of quality blog pictures I bought this new puppy.

A friend of mine is a photographer so he gave me advice when picking a good camera. He said the Canon 1100d is a good camera for beginners, so I went to the store took a look at it and tried it out.

I think I was in the store for about an hour, asking loads of questions trying to figure out if the Canon 1100d was the right camera for what I wanna photograph. The sales guy was really nice, explaining the camera to me and in the end when I decided to buy it he gave me a lot of discount on the different things I bought.

The camera was originally 320,- euros, I paid 290,- euro. I also bought another lens which was 99,- euro, a bag including an 8GB card which originally would have been 40,- euro, but I paid only 20,- euro as well as a tripod which was 25,- euro but I got for free :D

To be safe, I also bought the 5 year insurance instead of having just one year. That cost an extra 50,- euro.
So count count, instead of 534,- euro I only paid 459,- euro.
If that’s not a great deal, then I don’t know haha

So here it is, my new baby







Hopefully I will get used to it and learn how to use it properly, so I can present better quality pictures.

I hope you guys have a great weekend and sorry for this not nail related post :P



7 thoughts on “HAULy friday – seven – my new equipment

  1. I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures with your new camera! I don’t own a real camera, but I’d like to buy one someday. Since I know nothing about cameras/photography, I’m sure your posts will be helpful to me!

    • Hey Leanna,

      thanks for all your likes and the comment :)
      Let me tell you, I am myself a total beginner, but I am happy to have a friend who is a photographer who showed me the essentials through Skype this weekend. I think the rest will be try and error.
      So far I can say that the pictures turn out nicely.
      I also switched my blog to a real domain today so there are a lot of things I want to change.
      For example, I would like to re-do all the pictures with my new camera, but that will be A LOT of work and would take me a while. Sometimes I hate being such a perfectionist. Honestly, looking back on the pictures I did so far, I get really frustrated how bad some of them look haha
      But if I really want to re-do everything, that would take me some time that I first would have to find after my full-time job. Maybe it would also mean I would have to stop blogging for a while to have a fresh start…..I don’t know what to do haha

      • I don’t think your old photos are anywhere near as bad as you might think! They are a part of what drew all your other readers and I to your blog, so they can’t be that terrible! :-)

        I really do think it’s all right to leave your older photos as they are. When you look back at them you will be able to see how you’ve grown over the months and years that you have been blogging. And your readers will be able to relate to your learning and growth, too. But that’s just my two cents. :-) If it’s important to you, then replace them. You could set a schedule and redo one entry per week, for example, and you’d eventually get to them all.

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