my first SELF MADE nail polish!!!

Hello everyone,

can you tell how excited I am?
Yesterday I did something I wanted to try for a looooong time, but I was somehow to scared because I didn’t want to mess up and waste products haha
But well, yesterday I did it anyway.
Yes I did mess up on the first one, but luckily I had enough products left to give it a second try and tadaaaaa it worked out just fine.

What I used:

  • a small plastic cup, I used the packaging for toothpicks
    you will need this to mix everything together
  • pigments in the color of your choice, I used pressed eye-shadow but you can also use loose pigments
    to give my polish more depth, I used three different colors, but still similar
  • a clear nail polish, this is your base for the self made polish
  • something to mix the ingredients together, I used a toothpick


Catrice Quick Dry & High Shine Top Coat




another thing I had left and thought I could use was this pink glitter, mine was to put on fondant, but since I never used it I thought I might as well use it now^^



Let the fun begin. First you take one of the eye-shadows and start grinding it off the packaging using a toothpick.
I used an old plastic card to move the pigments back and forth to grind them to a fine powder.



After I was done I took the second color and did the same.



Now using the card mix the pigments together.


And then the last color.


After you are left with a colorful mixture of color powder take the plastic cup  and pour the clear polish inside.
Add the pigments into and start stirring with the toothpick. I also added the glitter, which turned out to be a bad idea because it messed up the whole polish haha
After you stirred for a while make sure to get the new polish back into the bottle. I used a paper as a funnel so I wouldn’t make a mess.
As you can see, I did not use all the pigments, because it was way to much. Even now, after two bottles, I still have leftovers.


What I was left with was this pretty cherry blossom color. I was in love!

Make sure to give this a god long shake, so the rest of the clumps mix in well.



Sadly as you can see the glitter cause a mess. The polish was still clumpy and just gross hahaDSC05913



So I learned something from it :D
I tried again and left out the glitter. My second polish is a dream. I love the color and I love the texture.

I used this clear nail polish from Maybelline.







Here you can see the difference. On my pinky you see the first mixed polish and on the other fingers one coat of the second polish I mixed.


I liked this color so much that I had to paint both my hands and get a nice manicure.DSC05925





Shoot! What do you think?

I totally freaking love it! Especially for this pretty cherry blossom color. It is perfect for spring.