[Review] Essence – Show your feet

Hello everyone,

today I want to show you a few polishes that I really like.
Currently I own 5 polishes from the Essence – Show your feet collection.
These polishes were developed for your feet. Yes, these are for your toe nails.
The polishes are supposed to last long and give you an opaque finish with only one application.
My experience shows that for most of them this is true, but some of them look better with two coats or the sheer ones even three coats.

Nevertheless, these are awesome polishes!
I love the colors I picked. From the blue and red one I even own two each. That’s how much I love them.

Anyway, take a look.

08 divalicious red

first up in my collection is this pretty red nail polish. It is not a vibrant red, but a red I like to wear IF I wear red nail polish. I don’t know, I don’t wear much red, especially not on all of my nails an then fully applied. I prefer painting just the tips or mixing it up with something else.
Red nails always feel …. you what I mean…..
But nevertheless I really like this polish. It is opaque and as all of these show your feet polishes, it dries very fast!

Essence Show your feet - 08 divalicious red

Essence Show your feet - 08 divalicious red close up






Essence Show your feet duo

Together with the red I also bought this crazy vibrant blue polish. I love it so so much!!!!


27 electric blue

just look at it! Isn’t this just the best blue polish you ever saw?
At least that’s how I feel. So I bought two of them haha

Essence Show you feet - 27 electric blue

Essence Show you feet - 27 electric blue close up






The following polishes I bought just recently.

30 oceana

I loved the sparkle in this polish and the name especially in combination with the next polish (kiss of the mermaid) is just a dream! During my childhood I looooooved Arielle, the Disney movie. That is why I had to buy these polishes in combination.

I must warn you though, as pretty as the polish is, you have to use a base coat. I did not when I tried it first and was left with blue stains after I removed the polish.





As you can see, the combination is a dream. I love the vibrant …. pink salmon color with the blue.







26 kiss of the mermaid










11 catwalk pink

last but not least I bought this one, because for a while I thought about buying it. So when I saw that it was on sale, I had nothing to loose.

Usually these polishes cost 1,95 euro. This one was only 90 cents.

It is a very sheer color, sou you would definitely need two to three coats.








Like I said, I love these polishes. Mostly because they are cheap, opaque and because they dry super fast.
I don’t use them often on my toe nails, only in summer I use the blue one. I think they are way to pretty to hide them in shoes :P

How do you like these?

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