[Review] Sunday Mani – five – Ciaté’s PP066 headliner

Hello everyone,

today I wanted to show you a quick nail design with Ciaté’s PP066 which I showed you in my post last Thursday.

I think this polish is kind of unique. I don’t know any dupes from cheaper companies that carry a blue/turquoise color like this.




Since I not only have about 250 nail polishes, but also glitter and other things for nail art designs, I decided to mix it up with some bigger silver hex glitter.



First I applied two coats of my base color, let it set and put my Ciate fast drying top coat on top. I let the base color properly dry (about 15-20minutes)
At this point I did one nail at a time. I applied a coat of clear polish, used my dotting tool to pic up the pieces of hex glitter and arranged them on the wet polish.
As you can see I arranged them differently on each nail. You could also use smaller hex glitter and / or apply it on the whole nail if you want, but since I was wearing this for work, I thought I would keep it simple. After you are done with all your nails let it set and after about 5minutes you should definitely seal the design in with one or two coats of a clear top coat. This will not only seal in your design, but also give it a nice shine, which I think is needed here since the polish dry to  a kind of matte finish.

Do you like it? How was your weekend?
Let me know in the comments.