100 Followers – say what?!


quick post on this, after two shitty days at work I came home and saw that today I past the 100 follower mark.


All I can say is that I am super thankful for each and everyone of you guys.
I am so happy that you obviously like what I do and I promise I will do my best to keep it nice here.
Please keep commenting and liking my posts so I will know what you would like to see.

I am not doing this for the numbers, I started this blog as a hobby, to share my love for nail related stuff with you and give you tips and tricks, to advice what to spend your money on.

Having all you awesome people liking what I do makes me really happy.

I hope you have a great weekend, again, thank you, thank you, thank you!



HAULy friday – six – Rival de Loop and Rossmann goodies

Hello everyone,

welcome to another HAULy friday post.


This time I went to my local Rossmann. As you might have realized I usually go to my local DM. But some things I can’t get there. Rival de Loop for example is a brand they don’t sell at DM.

Besides that I was lucky enough to “win” a coupon on Rossmann’s Facebook page for their Alterra Handcreme (full size)


You saw on Tuesday’s post, that I usually used Rossmann’s Isana Anti Age Handcreme with Q10, but since this one a a free-bee and I always like to try new stuff, I got this.
I must say it is a good Creme. I love the smell of it, reminds me of a babies butt :)
Probably because of the Camille. It also contains Jojoba oil, both bio.
It sais it is fast absorbing and it is if you don’t use too much, but oh boy I squeezed off too much one time and I basically had to creme my hands forever to get it absorb the Creme.
Other then that, the price is great. I think it was about 1,95 euro for those 75 ml which will probably last you a long time.

Another thing I like to buy when I’m going to Rossmann is their nail polish remover. (89 cents)
Sadly I just realized it is NOT Acetone free. The one I use from DM from Ebeline is the Acetone free one and it is a bit gentler on your skin.



I also bought simple cotton pads (120 for 79 cents)
Sorry I did not take a picture of these^^

And who would have thought, of course I also bought some nail polish.

To be honest…..2 nights ago I had a dream about nail polish…..i don’t remember where I went, but I bought a ton of polishes from companies we don’t have here…..I am not even sure if they are real or my mind just made them up, but they were amazing haha

So here we go with the Rival de Loop polishes I bought.

This puppy here was on sale.



These pretty glitter polishes looked very nice in the bottles. I am excited to see if they look like that on the nails.
They were normal price, so 1,99 euro each.



Did I mention I like green?
When I saw this I thought it is a pretty nice discreet green shade, so I wanted it, but I was also curious about the labeled safari look…..does this polish do something? I couldn’t figure out so far but I will let you know when I try it.
It was 1,49 euro and is also by Rival de Loop, but the young collection.



Another thing I could not pass up was this simple nail hardener base coat…..I used it a few times already and I must say I LOVE it. I was looking for the perfect base coat for myself and I think I found it. It does not say how much product is in there but the bottle is pretty small, so maybe 6-8ml? The price? RIDICULOUS! Only 99 cents!
Oh yeah and it is also by Rival de Loop Young.

I will definitely re-purchase.



Last but not least I also got some fun stuff to play with. Nail sticker, also on sale.



Christmas sticker :D  (1,95 euro – yes I thought they were worth it ….. cute lil’ Santa)





aaaaaand finally my cutter…..however you call that in English….. ( 9,95 euro)



What is your favorite?
Let me know :)