HAULy friday – five – organization

Hello everyone,

today’s is not a normal HAULy friday.
I was thinking how I could organize myself and my nail art stuff better, so I went to different shops and bought the following:

3 small make-up / jewelry organizers (5 euro each at McGeiz)

I thought these were good to store my stamping plates all the other things needed for stamping, as well as other small things and tools I need for my nail arts. For example nail art glue, funnels and nail art sticker for example.

Like I said, I bought three, so now I have six jars to put stuff into.



a separating box (that’s what it sais on the bottom) 1 euro at the euro shop

to store my selfmade nail art brushes and other things.


two pearl boxes (1 euro each at woolworth)

I am not sure yet what I will store in those, but I am sure the longer I will blog and the more stuff I will buy, I will find something to store in here^^


a medicine box (1 euro at the euro shop)

Since the separated boxes are smaller here, I thought I would use this to store nail art figures(characters).


here you can see what I meant, the little Santa’s and christmasy nail art things as well as stars and other nail art stuff.
I think the small boxes have the right side for these and the weekdays I can cover with white labels and maybe re-name them.






How do you or how would you organize all these tiny nail art related things? Any ideas or recommendations?

I am interested to read your thoughts.