The week of nudes – day 4 – compare me

Hello everyone,

I told you I would compare some of my nude polishes. These three are the ones that looked most alike and since especially Ciaté is a bit more on the pricey side, I thought it might be interesting to see if there are cheaper polishes that look almost the same.

Here are the polishes:

Ciaté PP107 pocket money



Maybelline Color Show 015 nude skin

Maybellin Color Show - 015 Nude skin (unsicher)

Maybelline Color Show Stripped Nudes 227 In your flesh

Maybelline Color Show Stripped Nudes - 227 In your flesh


I placed the polishes next to the nail I applied them on. From left to right, ring finger to pointy finger.




In this picture you can see the difference very clearly. Left you can see Color Show 015 nude skin, in the middle Ciaté’s PP107 pocket money and on the right you can see Stripped Nudes 227 In your flesh.


I was hoping to show an alternative to the expensive Ciaté polish but sadly all three nudes are pretty different.
I think the perfect match depends on you personal taste and also skin tone. I like all of these but I think the Ciaté polish matches me best. I will still wear the others though^^

The reason why I did not include my new Stripped Nudes polish ( 25 Bare it all) is simply because it is much lighter then the others. I thought it did not make much sense to compare it with the others^^.

Also I hope this post was helpful for you, even if it did not show an alternative to pocket money.

Which one is your favorite?
Let me know.



2 thoughts on “The week of nudes – day 4 – compare me

  1. Love all these nudes but I’m in total agreement that Ciate looks the best on you. Ciate is one of my favorite polishes! I still haven’t tracked down the crackle you reviewed but I haven’t given up! Thanks for posting :)

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