The week of nudes – day 1 – Ciaté PP107 pocket money

Hello everyone,

welcome to a short series on my blog.

The week of the nudes.
In this series I would like to introduce to you the nudes that you haven’t seen yet.

So today I will review a polish that you have already seen in one of my posts.

It is the paint pot I got send from Ciaté Germany mid February.
With this also came the glass file and a key chain. I am still very thankful and want to review the polish and glass file today.



The glass file is very nice. I never used a glass file before, but always wanted to so I was very happy to receive this.
After checking their Website I realized they offer two files, one mini and one normal sized one.
I guess I have received the mini file which is 6£ on their Website. The normal sized one is 12.50£.

I used it a few times already and must say I am pretty satisfied, even though my favorite file would still be the green one from p2 (for weak nails).

I still keep my glass file in the little box because I don’t want it to break. I saw this happens to a lot of people, so I want mine to be protected.

The polish the send with was PP107 pocket money.
A nice beige nude tone. It is also a best seller on their Website and is described as followed:

“The ultimate in understated luxury, this creamy fudge nude is a sweet treat for fingers and the perfect girly indulgence. Break open your piggy bank and splash out on some me time.”

Through the Mini Mani Month Advent Calender I had many nude polishes from them to try and I must say pocket money is probably one of my favorites. I think having different nudes to choose from is always good.
One day you want a simple nude like pocket money, the other day you might want some shimmer in it and maybe pick something like PP 007 – members only or PP 091 – ivory queen.

Pocket money is more one the opaque side so I really liked that. It is a good color to put on, seal with a fast drying top coat and go.

Here it is.






The first two pictures sadly show off a little bit darker then the polish actually is.
The last pictures comes most near to what the polish really looks like.



I do own 2 other nude beige polishes that are kind of similar to this but not as expensive as Ciaté polishes, so check back in the next 3 days when I review those polishes.

For now, what do you think of pocket money?