Nail stamping plates by Nailz Craze [Update]

Hello everyone,

I am soooo~~ happy and excited!
Two weeks ago I have purchased 5 of 6 nail stamping plates from the lovely Natalie who is a graphic designer from Israel. She is also THE Creator of Nailz Craze stamping plates and as all of us a nail polish addict.
She has her own blog and Etsy shop so you should most definitely go and check her out!

Here are all the links you need:

Etsy store

Since photographing stamping plates is not always easy, but I wanted to show her beautiful designed stamping plates, I will first  show you the pictures from her and then the ones I took.

All pictures taken from Nailz Craze’s Etsy store


Stahl Craze NC01 Stanzen Platte


Stahl Craze NC02-Stanzen-Platte



Nailz Craze NC03 Stamping Plate


Stahl Craze NC04 Stanzen Platte


Stahl Craze NC05 Stanzen Platte


Nailz Craze NC06 Stamping Plate

If any of these plates is not in store right now, just be patient I am sure it/they will be back in stock again some time later. All of her plates are worth it.

ALL of these plates are hand made and they are all so pretty and unique if you ask me.

For the prices please check her Etsy store since in my currency the might be different.

Here are my pictures.











and they came with a nice card from Natalie.


One of the first things I wanted to try myself is making a nail decal.

Natalie did a tutorial on that using the rose design form her plate NC06, so I did too.
To check out here tutorial, please follow here

This was my first try. For the red I used a mix of Essence’s Show your feet 08 divalicious red and Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails Xtream wear 390 Red Carpet. For the green of the petals Ciaté’s PP068 tweed and tails.


After that I wanted to play around with the other designs. I picked my current favorite Ciaté’s PP088 oil slick as a base color, let it dry properly and used NC04 plate for the designs.
My stamping polish was Essence’s nail art stampy polish 002 stamp me! black.




Besides some small mistakes I really love the outcome.

I also wanted to try something else, so I took the first design off and re-did my nails.
This time using Catrice’s LE Luxury Lacquers C01 Holo Manolo as a base color. For the outlines I used, again Essence’s stampy black, then I wanted to try another nail decal.
As you can see I colored the skull. Sadly my nails are not long enough, so the skull design was a little big and did not fully fit. I had to file it off a bit, but because I also wanted you to see the full coloring, I took a picture before I filed it off.





I used my Ciaté green for the “skin”, Sally Hansen’s red for the eyes and my two other Holographic polishes from Catrice for the design at the top of the head. Oh and my white stamping polish from Essence for his teeth.

I love the result, so I was pretty sad that my nail was too short.

You can see here how much too big it was and until where I had to file off.


Same for the rose, it is a little big. The only part I could place it was my thumb.
But don’t get me wrong, I love the plates and the size of the designs. I am just sad about my short nails^^


And this is the result after filing off the excess of the design.



Sadly my nail was also to short to stamp on the full name, it was supposed to be Nailz Craze with an “e” haha

What do you think?

I would love to hear your feedback and please please please head over to Natalie’s and check out her stuff!

Natalie, thanks again for these awesome plates and the good quality. You are very talented!