HAULy friday – four – Ciaté….again

Hey everyone,

I went on a shopping spree again!
This is really bad haha
I actually wanted to check my local Karstadt for Ciaté’s new Flower Manicure Kit when I went out, but when I arrived and saw the Kit I was not excited enough to pay 20 euro. I was kind of disappointed. It looked so nice on the promotional pictures, but somehow I did not like it when I saw it. I don’t know why.

Anyways, since my Karstadt is STILL selling out the old kits, I decided to pick up two of the feathered manicure kits and the croc embossed kit.


About the corc embossed kit I was a bit hesitating since I usually don’t like crackling polishes, but since it was half price (10 euro) I bought it as well. The other two kits were half priced too, so as well just 10 euro.
Imagine, I bought 3 kits worth of 60 euro and only paid 30. Such things make me really happy, especially since I love Ciaté :D

So here we go, let’s start with the feathered manicure kits






ivory queen mini polish (now I have two of them)


colorful feathers :D







simple feathers is brown and black


snow virgin mini polish
this is my first white polish by Ciaté, I hope it is good. I am still searching for the perfect white polish for me.
It should be opaque but also not creamy please.
Any recommendations?




As you can see there is a ton of stuff included in both kits and the top coat is a full sized paint pot.
I think this is a really good deal even for the normal price of 20 euro, but half price is even better of course!



And last but not least, the croc embossed kit.
I could not wait to try this out, so I will post a manicure review on sunday. Stay tuned for that :D


DSC05345  DSC05346

DSC05347  DSC05348

I must honestly say that I am i LOVE with this green polish and the bottle design of the dark blue/purple color.
love love love!

What do you think?




6 thoughts on “HAULy friday – four – Ciaté….again

  1. Hi, I would like to see the result of those Ciate feather n Croc kits on your nails.
    I hv tried using their Caviar pearls and it was really messy to use and result wasn’t great. So hope you can share your experience. Thank you.

  2. Looking forward to see what you do with these kits! I haven’t found my Holy Grail white either; you’ll definitely have to let me know how this one works out! And that green… *swoon* ♥♥

    • Leanne, let me tell you, the green is a dream! The application is super nice and easy as well as the dry time AND it is pretty opaqcue. I tried it as a base for stamping with my new Nailz Craze staming plates and for that used two coats, but even one coat would be enough.
      I will review both kits soon. Thanks for your comment. xo

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