HAULy friday – four – Ciaté….again

Hey everyone,

I went on a shopping spree again!
This is really bad haha
I actually wanted to check my local Karstadt for Ciaté’s new Flower Manicure Kit when I went out, but when I arrived and saw the Kit I was not excited enough to pay 20 euro. I was kind of disappointed. It looked so nice on the promotional pictures, but somehow I did not like it when I saw it. I don’t know why.

Anyways, since my Karstadt is STILL selling out the old kits, I decided to pick up two of the feathered manicure kits and the croc embossed kit.


About the corc embossed kit I was a bit hesitating since I usually don’t like crackling polishes, but since it was half price (10 euro) I bought it as well. The other two kits were half priced too, so as well just 10 euro.
Imagine, I bought 3 kits worth of 60 euro and only paid 30. Such things make me really happy, especially since I love Ciaté :D

So here we go, let’s start with the feathered manicure kits






ivory queen mini polish (now I have two of them)


colorful feathers :D







simple feathers is brown and black


snow virgin mini polish
this is my first white polish by Ciaté, I hope it is good. I am still searching for the perfect white polish for me.
It should be opaque but also not creamy please.
Any recommendations?




As you can see there is a ton of stuff included in both kits and the top coat is a full sized paint pot.
I think this is a really good deal even for the normal price of 20 euro, but half price is even better of course!



And last but not least, the croc embossed kit.
I could not wait to try this out, so I will post a manicure review on sunday. Stay tuned for that :D


DSC05345  DSC05346

DSC05347  DSC05348

I must honestly say that I am i LOVE with this green polish and the bottle design of the dark blue/purple color.
love love love!

What do you think?