[Review] MAC – pearl nail polish – mean & green

Good evening everyone,

the past two days have been crazy for me blog wise.
I hit over 400 views, reached over 50 followers and also got nominated for Liebster award.
I also can not believe that each day over 50 people are checking back into my blog and the posts I publish each day.
It is really unbelievable, but of course I am super thankful. I appreciate each and everyone of you, doesn’t matter if you pushed the follow button or not.

Today I still wanted to post a “normal” nail art related post, besides the Liebster Award post.

So here it is. :)
While I was in New York in January, I still had some leftover money while we were at JFK, so what better way to spend it on expensive MAC nail polish haha
This one here is a pearl polish and it is called mean & green.
It was 16$ for a bottle with 10ml….say what?!
I did not care much, since I wanted to get rid of the last few bucks I had in my wallet^^

Normally I would not have paid this amount of money…..

MAC - Mean & Green

MAC - Mean & Green - close up

MAC - Mean & Green - close up 2


I would say this is more a chrome then a pearl polish, but who cares?^^
All that matters is that it changes the color depending on the light.
It is a gold green and a …. red-ish purple I would say?

How would someone define this color? What do you see?

Anyway, I thought it was pretty interesting even though now I feel the gold green is kinda ugly haha
One thing is for sure, it is unique!

Here are my manicure swatches.



Do you see how it is totally green (for me like an old mud green haha) on my pointy finger?





I tried to capture different angles with different light, so you could see how the color is looking different at each angle.

What do you think? Do you like it? Would you buy a polish that is 16$?
Do you own MAC polishes? Do you think they are worth it?




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