[Review] Catrice LE Celtica – C03 Love, Peach & Harmony / C04 LOVEnder

Hello everyone,

today I want to review two polishes from Catrice. I know it might not make much sense, since they are not available anymore, but they are part of my collection which I wanted to show you.

Catrice’s LE Celtica was available during December 2013 and January 2014.
Further information can be found here

Since I am a nail polish addict, I usually don’t care about the make-up stuff, so right on to the polishes^^


Limited Edition “Celtica” by CATRICE

Mystic. Magical. Celtica. Flowing silks, finest lace and layer over layer of fine tulle are conquering the catwalks this season. The Haute Couture robes enchant the audience and create a feminine, romantic world with soft, almost transparent details. Celtic-inspired and thus bound to nature and surrounded by a touch of mystery. The Limited Edition “Celtica” by CATRICEreflects this trend in limited beauty products from mid December 2013 to January 2014.
The absolute must-have and eye-catcher of this Limited Edition is the Multicolour Highlighter with matt, slightly pearly effects to ensure a radiant look. Celtic Moments – by CATRICE.


Celtic Colours. Ultimate long-lasting texture, ultimate coverage and ultimate brilliance. And thanks to the extra-broad reservoir brush, it’s extremely easy to apply. Ideal for a mysterious look with a gel shine. Now available in four limited Celtica colours in a packaging design inspired by Celtic art.



3D Art. With Nail Flakes in a colour mix ranging from pink to magenta it is very easy to create an interesting 3D nail styling. The flakes are applied onto polished nails while the nail polish is still moist. Simply sprinkle a small amount of the flakes into the lid of the container and then dip your freshly polished nail in it. Afterwards, seal with a transparent top coat. Bring the magic of the Celts straight to your nails.


I only bought two of the polishes, C03 Love, Peach & Harmony and also C04 LOVEnder.
I did not buy the flakes, if they would have been in a different color, like lilac, I would have, but the pink I did not like.

Here you can see my pictures of the polishes.

Catrice LE Celtica - c03 Love, Peach & Harmony  Catrice LE Celtica - c04 LOVEnder

Catrice LE Celtica - duo

Catrice LE Celtica - duo - close up


I found them both to be pretty and unique.
The grey has a pretty white/silvery shimmer and is therefor a nice “nude” polish.
I think nudes don’t always have to be beige. A nice discreet grey can also be called nude.
This one is also a nice base color for glitter polishes. You will see later on.





As you know, I usually don’t like orange, but since this looked pastel to me, I thought it would be a nice addition to my collection since I do not have such color. I was looking for a nice pastel orange to create the pastel polka dots nail art from past Sunday. I also want to create the pastel penguin design.







Both polishes have a good quality. The application was easy and the dry time pretty nice. I applied two coats from each polish and they were dry within 10 to 15 minutes. Apply a clear top coat to get a nice shine and you have a discreet but pretty manicure.

What do you think? You like these? Do you own them? What was your experience with these?