My favorite nail polish

Hello everyone,

first of all I want to apologize for uploading so late today. It is about 1am here in Germany and life kept me busy so I was not able to upload more early.

Since I am super tired, I will make it short today.
I know that not posting could have been an option as well, but I am serious about blogging so if I say I upload everday, then I am doing this :)

Besides there is not much to say anyways. What can you say about your favorite polish?
All I can say is that I have tried so many polish through all these years, but this one was always my favorite. Before they stopped selling it I bought two more bottles, so I own three now.

I am talking about a polish from the cosmetic company UMA and my favorite polish is …..

tadaaaaaa~ …..

08 supernova

UMA glamorous 3D crystal shine - 08 supernova

UMA glamorous 3D crystal shine - 08 supernova - close up

this super pretty golden-bronze-red glitter polish is my absolute all time favorite.
It is super pretty, very easy to apply and it always looks gorgeous!
The dry time is super short, so it is the perfect last minute polish.
It simply has no flaws.

Put a shiny clear top coat on top and you are ready to go.

I am so super sad that they don’t sell it anymore, because if my bottles dry out or get empty I will cry my eyes off. :(
That is how much I love this polish.





What do you think of it? Are you surprised that my favorite is a glitter polish?^^
Well I love glitter, what else can I say hehe

I will see you tomorrow. good night everyone.



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