Tips & Tricks – 1 – glitter polish removal

Hello everyone,

since we are through all the mini glitter polishes from Ciaté’s Tree Trinket gift set, I thought it is time for another new category on my blog – Tips & Tricks.


In this category I want to try giving advice or tips and tricks regarding working with nail polish.
I also want to talk about the miths like what helps to dry polish faster or is it good to use drops of nail polish remover to loosen up dry polishes?

My first post is about the removal of glitter polishes. We all know having a glittery manicure is much fun, but removing the polish is such a pain. Simply rubbing nail polish soaked cotton pads back and forth over the glitter manicure takes way too long and can be pretty frustrading.
Some of you might already know the solution to this problem, but I will show you anyway.
There is a simple trick to help you remove glitter polishes.

What you need?

– 5 cotton pads cut in half
– nail polish remover
– aluminium foil  (10 stripes)
– 10 – 15 minutes of time


Cut the cotton pads (I use the circle ones from my local drugstore) in half so they have a half moon shape.
Also cut the aluminium foil in stripes. You will need 10 in total, one for each of your filangies (fingers).


Look at this nasty chipped nail polish. Time to get rid of it.
Soak one half moon shaped cotton pad with nail polish remover and place it on top an around your fingertip. I usually place the round part on my cuticle.


Take one stripe of the aluminium foil……


…..wrap it……


…..wrap it around your finger. Make sure to kee the cotton pad in place.



Continue on all your other fingers until you look similar to Edward scissor hand. :)
This gets more tricky with every covered finger.


Now watch TV, read a book or simply relax for about 10 to 15 minutes.
Remove all the foil/cotton pairs by slighty moving it from from left to right.

You will be left with an almost fully cleaned nail. Soak a normal cotton pad and clean over all the nails again.

You are left with clean nails :)
(don’t mind my discolored nails please)


What do you think?
Did you already know this trick? Did it help you?
What else would like me to help you with?
Leave everything in the comments.



[Review] Ciaté’s Tree Trinket set 2013 – blizzard and naughty or nice

Hello everyone,

and there we are, already at he last two out of six mini glitter polishes from Ciaté’s Tree Trinket gift set.

PP401 blizzard

Ciaté - Tree Trinkets 2013 - PPM401 - blizzard

Ciaté - Tree Trinkets 2013 - PPM401 - blizzard - close up

I don’t know if you can tell, but blizzard is a pretty dark grey glitter polish and with REALLY good coverage!
Two coats are enough to get an opaque finish and I think that is damn good for a glitter polish.
I expedienced most glitter polish are suitable as a topper, but not as a polish with coverage.
As you can see this polish contains super tiny and some bigger glitter pieces. I fell in love when I opened the gift set and it was the first one I tried out. Back then I painted all my nails with this polish. For some people maybe over the top, but I can never have enough glitter on my nails haha
Sadly it did not last very long. I did use a top coat, so I think that was not the issue.
Maybe my nails are the problem, since they are currently pretty thin and soft.
I do recommend this polish though.

PP407 naughty or nice

Ciaté - Tree Trinkets 2013 - PPM407 - naughty or nice

Ciaté - Tree Trinkets 2013 - PPM407 - naughty or nice - close up

Naughty or nice is also a very pretty glitter polish. As you can see it contains of different colored glitter pieces (green, purple, blue, orange/copper, lilac).
Not as opaque as blizzard, but still very pretty.

Since I have combined both polishes in one Manicure, there are no two sets or Mani pictures^^
As you can see I was editing the first picture to show how I arranged the clear tape to get my glitter design on. I thought this might help you to see what I did.




What do you think and which of the two is your favorite glitter polish?
Let me know in the comments.





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