Sunday Mani – one – Ciaté’s Chalkboard Manicure

Hello everyone,

today a short post to my sunday manicure.

On Friday you saw that I recently bought the Chalkboard Manicure by Ciaté.




I was sooooooo~ excited to try this kit! In the end it is a great thing to play around with if you have time.

Applying the matte black chalkboard paint was really really difficult. I don’t know if the brush or the polish was the problem. I even cleaned the  brush to cut it a bit more handy hoping it would help applying the polish more evenly – at least that helped a little bit. But it was still hard to apply the color evenly and clean on the edges. I had to re-apply and clean up  A LOT.

After the most difficult part was done, it was time to pump the pencils and get going on the fun stuff – drawing on the designs.
First of all, the pencils are very thick, which makes it difficult to draw on detailed designs or even write something fun. Also, the manual said that if you messed up you could just wipe it off with a water soaked tissue or cotton ball and re-paint the design. For me that only really worked with the pink pencil. The blue especially was a pain in the butt.
Every time I messed up I tried to get as much color off as possible but had to re-apply a coat of the matte polish.
The white pencil was not opaque at all. In the end I was cheating, using my white polish from Astor (274 snow white) and dotting tool to apply some more white on top so the designs would look nice.

My final design took me quite a while. I think about one hour……yes you read right….ONE HOUR!

I must say that I love the outcome though. But I must warn you, this is not for you if you are an impatient person or someone who shakes a lot during manicure.

After the design was done, I had to seal it with the Mattnificent matte top coat.

Here is my final design. What do you think?
Not bad for the first try?

Ciate Chalkboard Manicure





[Review] Ciaté’s Mini Mani Month 2013 (US) – toppers

Hello everyone,

we are through with all the polishes and caviar pearls from the Mini Mani Month gift set.
And as sad as it is, all that is left are the toppers, as I call them.
In this case I won’t make separated posts, because I have swatched the toppers all at once.please check the pictures below.

Here is the overview of the toppers

Ciaté - Mini Mani Month American Set - glitter, partikel, top coat, silber

Please don’t mind PP069 fit for a queen on this picture.
I already mentioned it here.
It sadly was dried out, so I do not have swatches for it.

all that is left is the following:

  • PP 146 – snow globe
  • 0.17 oz – sequins in dallas dolly
  • 0.17 oz – glitter in twinkle toes



PP146 – snow globe

Ciaté - Mini Mani Month American Set - PP146 snow globe

Ciaté - Mini Mani Month American Set - PP146 snow globe - close up

This is a clear topper with several different holographic flakes. You can buy it separately on the Ciaté Website.

Ciaté describes it like this: A beautifully delicate sprinkling of holographic flakes, this extra pretty topcoat gives a unique twist to a nude base shade or gorgeously offsets against a darker base shade for a ring finger twist. Layer extra coats for extra frosting and enjoy your sparkling mani!

I tried it on a black base color and you will see that it sparkled mostly blue, turquoise and silver.

The application is easy. Apply how many coats of the base color to get a opaque finish and let it properly dry. After that add the top coat snow globe and let dry as well. You can get creative by partially applying it or putting it over the whole nail. After that apply a clear top coat to get a nice shine.


sequins in dallas dolly

Ciaté - Mini Mani Month American Set - sequin dallas dolly

Ciaté - Mini Mani Month American Set - sequin dallas dolly - close up


This is one of the sequin glitters. As you can see in the bottle shot it contains of hexa and feather glitter in different colors. I could see gold, red hexa and white/holographic and green feather glitter.
This sequin is not available on their website, so I guess you could only get it with the Mini Mani Month gift set.

I applied it also on a dark base.
Apply your base color and let it dry. Add a last coat and sprinkle the sequins on top or use a dotting tools to arrange them on the nail. Since the stick up, make sure to lightly press them down and add a clear top coat. This will also give you a nice shine.


glitter in twinkle toes

Ciaté - Mini Mani Month American Set - glitter - twinkle toes

Ciaté - Mini Mani Month American Set - glitter - twinkle toes - close up


This glitter topper is a simple silver holographic glitter. There is not much to say^^
As well as the sequin, you can’t get it separately.

I applied this one as well over a black base color. The application works the same way as for the sequin.
Apply your case color until you get an opaque finish, while the last coat is still wet sprinkle the glitter on top.
Don’t forget the clear top coat and you are done.

As for all glitters, sequins or caviar pearls make sure to work over a piece of paper to catch the rest of the product so you can put it back into the bottle (use the funnel Ciaté provides you with).



from top to bottom PP146 snow globe, sequin dallas dolly and glitter twinkle toes




How do you like the toppers?
Let me know in the comments below.





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