HAULy friday – one

Hey everyone,

even though we are still in the middle of Ciaté Month, I want to introduce you to a new category on my blog.

HAULy friday!


Each friday I will show you some things that I have bought recently.
I will show them to you and later on, let you know what I think of them.

Today after work I went to two one euro shops near my apartment. Pfennigland was one of them. I went there to check if they had any cute nail stickers or cheap eye shadows that I could use to create my own nail polish.
Instead I saw that they are also selling nail stamping set’s!!!
I was so happy, because I was wanting a stamping set for a long time-I have never tried that technique.
So I found two that I liked best and also two cute set’s of nail stickers.

The nail stamping set’s

I now it is difficult to see, but I choose two set’s that are pretty similar. They show several floral motives and the one plate also contains some kind of full finger design.

I am really excited to try these!


Nail Stickers

Look at these super adorable nail stickers! I choose the cute tiger-ish kittens and cute sheeps, can’t wait to put these on my nails as well.


After Pfennigland I went to DM to see if they already have the new stamping set in store, but they didn’t.
I was thinking about buying the Essence Love Letter LE stamping set for a few weeks now but I was never fully satisfied about the motive…..I don’t know what got me today, maybe because it’s valentines day, but I decided to buy the set for future love themed nail designs^^

AND, since the lovely Bettina from LacquerVictim was speaking so highly of the dark grey/blue-ish stamping polish (05 inkheart), I bought two of those as well.
Bettina, I trust in your opinion and hope this polish won’t disappoint me haha


After DM I went to another one euro shop which is called Euroshop Berlin.
I wanted to see if they had any cute decoration that I could also use for future nail designs and I found these tiny red hearts and silver glitter. A girl can NEVER have enough glitter^^
And I found two sparkly polishes as well. How do you properly call these? They are not sequins, but bar glitter^^
If you have seen the Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat or Essence’s dupe (19 bird of paradise and 20 The Bees and the Birds), you know what I am talking about. The feather look.



I bought a plain silver holographic color and a dark pink color. Sadly those polishes do not have numbers or names, so there is no other informationc I can give you to identify them.


I already swatched them on a piece of paper and so far the consistency looks pretty great. The application seems easy and the polish is not gluey. YAY! for that

The prices:


Cosmetica Fanatica Stamping Set 1,99 € each
Cosmetica Fanatica Nail Stickers 1,29 € each


Essence Love Letter LE Stampy polish 05 inkheart 1,75 € each
Essence Love Letter LE Stampy Set 2,95 €

Euroshop Berlin

Sabrina Cosmetics fuzzy coat 1 € each
Silver glitter 1 €
decorations hearts 14 grams 1 €

total 17,01 €

What do you think?
Do you think products always have to be expensive or would you also buy at the euro shop or dollar shop?



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