[Review] Ciaté’s Mini Mani Month 2013 (US) – PP080 sugar plum

Hello everyone,

I hope you are spending the day with your loved one.

Today we are moving on to the next color range – lilac.

Today’s color is PP080 sugar plum

This is a very cute pastel lilac. I can see it on young girls as well as women. It is a nice tone to combine with top coats or pearls. In general a very fun color, but not to blatant.

Ciaté - Mini Mani Month American Set - PP080 sugar plum

Ciaté - Mini Mani Month American Set - PP080 sugar plum - close up

This polish is pretty transparent so you would need 3 coats to get an opaque finish.
The small, short brush makes the application nice and easy. The polish itself is liquid.
Please make sure to let it properly dry between each coat and as well before you apply a top coat.

Later on I will show you some nice options to combine it with different toppers or caviar pearls. I can also imagine that this is a great tone to use for gradient nails.

My opinion: 5/5

The Manicure


one coat


second coat


final result with three coats


Isn’t this a lovely lilac shade?

I think this is a great color if you have a darker skin tone. I am pretty pale so I think it does not look as great on me as it could.

Also I am very excited to try the pastel penguin nail design which I saw on cutepolish (youtube)

cutepolish on facebook


I think sugar plum, as well as hoopla, pepperminty and loop de loop are perfect for this design.

Do you like sugar plum? Any ideas for nail designs with this polish?
I would love to read your opinion.





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