[Review] Ciaté’s Mini Mani Month 2013 (US) – PP118 candy floss

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welcome to another day of Ciaté February where everyday I introduce you to another polish out of my Ciaté collection.

Today PP118 candy floss

Ciaté - Mini Mani Month American Set - PP118 candy floss

Ciaté - Mini Mani Month American Set - PP118 candy floss - close up

I would describe this as the perfect barbie polish. For many girls this might be a positive thing, but for me it is definitely not^^. As I said before, I don’t really like pink. So this as well wold be one of the colors that I would never had bought if it weren’t for the Mini Mani Gift Set. I think certain colors are either love or hate, this is one of them.

For all the girls who love pink though, this might be the perfect color. I don’t know how else to describe it than this is barbie pink. The more coats you use, the more “barbie-ish” it gets.^^

My opinion: 2/5 (the quality is great as always, but I just hate the barbie pink shade^^)

The Manicure

Painting the nails is as easy as with most of the Ciaté polishes. The color goes on smoothly and it dries pretty quickly. The brush is thin and short and the consistency of the polish is liquidy, which I like.


one coat


second coat


final result with three coats


If you think this might be the perfect color for you, visit Ciaté’s Website. The normal sized paint pot of PP118 candy floss is available for 9£.





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